Linda van Zijp

founder of StudioLIN graphic design

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Linda, an independent graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My work includes a range of projects including art direction, spatial design and graphic design like magazines, corporate identities, websites and campaigns. Typography, color and concepts play an important role in my work.

StudioLIN is always looking for new collaborations and exciting projects! Please feel free to contact studioLIN with any questions or for any creative work.

Awards, publications & exhibitions

ED Awards | 2016
Finalist European Design Awards with the project “Mentoraat in Kaart”.

Lessen magazine | 2016
Article about StudioLIN and my project “Mentoraat in Kaart”.

ROM magazine | 2016
Article about StudioLIN and my project “Mentoraat in Kaart”.

Poster Project: “Mentoraat in Kaart” | 2015
– Exhibition with 52 poster designs at The Student Hotel, Rotterdam.
– Exhibition with 52 poster designs at Graphic Design Festival Breda.
– Permanent Exhibition with 52 poster designs at Koffie bij Teun.

I Love Breda | 2013
Illustration ‘Stee(n)vast’ selected for the exhibition ‘I Love Breda’ at MOTI.

Project12 | 2012
The Breda based design collective ‘Dozen’ were triggered by the GDFB2012 theme ‘Greed is out, empathy is in’. Twelve designers started out with a standard poster which they each embellished with their own designs and then passed on to the next designer in line who continued the embellishments. The method of ‘design and pass a long’ resulted in twelve posters that represent the visual reactionary process of design.

Exhibition ‘The Origin of Type’ | 2009-2010
– Exhibition in the Central Library Rotterdam: The Origin of Type.
– Exhibition in the Central Library Amsterdam: The Origin of Type.

Group exhibition Venice | 2008
My poster was one of the selected items for a group exhibition in Venice called: “fondazione bevilacqua la masa”. This foundation is one of the most important organizations for contemporary art in Venice.

Helvetica Poster contest | 2007
Poster contest for Helvetica, to celebrate his 50th anniversary. My design was selected from the 1500 entries around the world, for Honorary Mentions.

Schiphol fire | 2006
Poster competition to react on the fire in the detention centre at Schiphol-East, where eleven foreigners lost their lives. My poster was 1 of the 20 who were national selected for the exposition in Amsterdam. The designs were for sale on postcards.

Final Project MBO | 2005
My design for a new corporate identity for MOJO Concerts was one of the selected projects for best final projects for the course Graphic Design in the Netherlands. 
Exhibition in Kunstgebouw in The Hague.